Bowed Leg Surgery in Turkey

Bowed Leg Surgery in Turkey

Like other body aesthetic surgery calves are also subject of plastic surgery and most people never even think about enhancing their calves. And most people never even think about enhancing their curved or thin lower legs.

Calf implant surgery isn’t the first procedure that comes to mind when considering cosmetic enhancement. But it gives one of the best exciting result for some people WHO really needs it. The reults of calf implant will exceptionally motivate your sense of self perception.

Who are candidates for calf enhancement?

The basic idea for calf enhancement is PROPORTION. It is the proportion of lower legs with upper legs, I mean thigh, and the proportion within the ratios of lower leg itself. And the real candidates are people who did not have this proportion.

Those with

  • curved legs
  • bowed legs
  • abnormally small calves
  • uneven calves
  • atrophied or malformed calves  are candidates for calf enhancement

The reason beyond calf problems may be due to genetic factors,  disease or trauma.  For these  candidate, calf implants may be the best option to improve calf size, symmetry and body confidence. Dr. Karacaoglu offers calf implant in the hospital he works, so you can enjoy the comfort and privacy of his on-site, JCI accredited hospital.

Calf Implants are the best option for those people and  calf implants can be used both on men and women. The procedure is a good option to balance the symmetry of the calves or to repair one or both calves after injury, disease or condition, such as bowed legs.

Silicone calf implants are created to fit your particular needs and desires. Your particular needs and desires will be discussed in detail with Dr Karacaoglu and you can discover how calf implants will benefit your specific concern.

Ideal candidates for this procedure are in good physical and mental health, and they should have realistic expectations for the procedure and the procedure’s potential outcome.

How is the procedure?

While receiving calf implants  silicone implants are inserted into the calves through a small incision at the crease of the back of the knee. To be precise, Dr Karacaoglu uses endoscopic technique to place and shape calves. Calf implant with endoscopic technique is new and superior technique for calf enhancement. Implant is inserted thru a cut behind your knee with the help of endoscopic device.

After making a pocket with the aid of endoscope between the muscles of lower leg, an implant is chosen to insert. The implant is chosen based on the requirements of the lower leg. This implant is inserted thru the small cut behind the knee as shown below:

In our centre, we use endoscopic and stem cell riched fat grafting combination to yield better results for calf enhancement.  After inserting the implant, fat grafts are used to contour lower leg silhouette.

The size and shape of your implants will vary on an individual basis depending on the size of your legs, severity of your condition and desired results. Implant size and shape can be discussed during your personal consultation.


Advances in Bowed and Curved Lower Legs Correction

With extensive experience in the treatment of calf enhancement, Dr. Karacaoglu has had a career-long interest in the developmental anatomy of bowed leg deformity, and in exploring and improving plastic surgery techniques for the correction of bowed and curved leg deformity. In his article published in the preeminent peer-reviewed plastic surgery journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery GO, Dr. Karacaoglu reviews his system, a treatment algorithm, and the technical nuances in plastic surgery for calf enhancement, all geared toward maximizing safety and consistency in aesthetic results.


How is the recovery?

An extended recovery time after receiving calf implants should be expected, and you will need to take up to one week off from work to rest. If your work requires strenuous physical activity, more time may be needed.

You will be asked to walk almost three to four hours after your surgery. You might experience some sort of muscle tension at your first attempt of walking. But this will gradually decrease day by day and walking after three days is almost tension free.

Patients generally can start exercising after 3 weeks. People can start more strenous excersises 6 weeks after surgery. These exercising does not interfere  with  calf implants or even makes it better to improve calves after surgery.

One of the latest technique of calf enhancement with silicone implant is ENDOSCOPIC method. In our center we are performing the Endoscopic Calf Enhancement procedure.