Mummy Makeover in Turkey

Mummy Makeover in Turkey

A Mummy Makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures. These procedures are for restoring your before-pregnancy appearance.

Plastic surgery after pregnancy are geared towards the improvement of post-pregnancy changes to a woman’s body. Many mothers have their family life and do not have the luxury of long recovery periods after surgery. It is therefore the treatment plans needs to be designed so that they can get back to family life and normal activities as quickly as possible.

What is mummy makeover procedures?

Mummy makeover procedures are:

Breast procedures

  • Tummy procedures
  • Face procedurs
  • Removal of local fat deposits

1. Mummy Makeover Breast Procedures:

These can be breast enhancement with silicon breast implant or breast lift with or without breast implant or breast reduction.

2. Tummy Procedures:

These can be mini or full tummy tuck, or laser lipolysis for tummy and belt area, or combination of these procedures.

3. Face Procedures:

These can be as follows depends on requirements: Forehead rejuvenation, Eyebrow lifting, upper eyelid lifting, eyebag removal, cheek lift with endoscopic mid face lifting or SMAS lifting with or without neck lifting.

4. Removal of Local fat deposits:

These can be from any area of the body like neck fat removal or tummy, back rolls, belt area, thighs or arms.

How are you planning these mummy makeover procedures?

We advise to combine surgeries two by two. Most mummies prefer breast and tummy together. After a while other procedures like face lifting can be planned.