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Сообщите нам о ваших требованиях и вместе разработайте план лечения премиум-класса.


Сообщите нам, какие процедуры вы хотели бы выбрать и желаемые даты.


Сядьте на самолет и встретите нас в аэропорту, где мы обо всем позаботимся за вас.


Доктор Караджаоглу и его сотрудники стремятся к достижению самого высокого профессионального уровня, который сегодня возможен в пластической хирургии. Для этого они используют новейшие, но при этом самые надежные и безопасные методы . Выбор пластического хирурга - личное и очень важное решение. Вы должны быть уверены, что Ваш доктор обладает огромным хирургическим опытом и художественным вкусом. Именно эти качества сделали известным нашего доктора. Его работы по омоложению лица и тела выглядят красиво и естественно


There are a couple of points that need to be clarified before undergoing any cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can make significant physical and psychological changes to a patient. What are your expectations from cosmetic surgery? Please discuss all your expectations and or concerns with your surgeon. A face to face consultation is a key factor before undergoing any surgical procedure. Please be sure to ask any and all questions you may have about your procedure, to be sure you have a full understanding of all aspects of your specific surgery. Post operative downtime is another important key factor to consider. The down time required for each type of surgery is different and will require unique aftercare. When will you be able to resume your day to day activities and return to work? This all will be fully and expertly explained to you by your plastic surgeon, enabling you to make the most informed decision. Your plastic Surgeon's advice and instructions are important for pre and post surgery. It is important to adhere to them all. You will remain in regular contact and receive first class aftercare throughout your entire recovery period. Do not follow the advice of anyone but your surgeon. Results of cosmetic surgery become further evident with time. Your final results may take some month's to settle in and become the final expected finish.


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Istanbul is at the crossroad and has a central location. It is one of the destination that is easy to reach. It takes only one to max 4 hours from all over the Europe. Your plastic surgeon Dr. Ercan Karacaoglu provides surgeries for patients from many parts of across the Europe, North America and around the world. Our guests coming abroad are picked up from airport with limo and transferred to the hotel or hospital as needed. Our international patients are also transferred back to airport by the same limo service after they have their surgery and recovery period. These services are included in the package.

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